About The Book

Light Warrior Chang Ling needs to use her All-seeing Eye and the Magic Mirror to save the inhabitants of Taiping Continent from natural disasters such as earthquakes. But first she has to rescue her missing sister and find the Divine Gem. She and her team must break the spells around the Sacred Center and overcome the powerful evil Shamaness Queen and her fox spirits before the solar eclipse when Chang Ling’s sister will be sacrificed.


Chapter One: Chosen Reincarnation

Year 6994
Age of Fiery Chaos, Northern Territory, Taiping Continent

A loud howl stopped the two men in mid-stride after they had turned away from the lush Shu Valley nestled in the foothills of the Gui Mountains. Instantly they glanced back at the valley glowing orange in the rays of the setting sun.

“Ning, he’s calling us,” the older man with gray hair said in a sonorous voice. He narrowed his slightly squarish dark brown eyes and gazed past the wooden huts, some perched precariously on the slopes of the lower hills. He pointed. “Even manifested a rainbow there, behind a hill.”

“Yes, Honorable Advisor, at long last,” the man known as Teacher Deng agreed with a nod so vigorious his black hair gathered in a top knot was in danger of spilling out. “We missed the spot there.”

Both men reached out with their thoughts to the source of the sound which was still vibrating in the atmosphere. As one, they hooked onto the source and disappeared from the spot using Thought Travel.

They landed in front of a wooden hut in a sprawling compound, their dark blue robes ruffled as though they had just rushed through a tunnel of wind. One end of an arched rainbow stopped at a huge pine tree growing at one side. The lower branches of the ancient tree were bent into the shape of hands in prayer.

At its foot, a girl, probably two years old, stood with her legs firmly apart on the ground and her hands outstretched, channelling energy out. Her right hand was closed in a tight fist. The girl’s clothes were obviously hand-me-downs, an overly large brown tunic and black pants.

“Little Ling, stop screaming,” a teenaged boy yelled from the door of the hut. He was dressed in tattered dark blue tunic and short black pants. “You’ll cause an earthquake.”

“No, I won’t,” the child retorted in a surprisingly mature voice. She shook her head stubbornly, causing her long plaits to swing across her ruddy cheeks streaked with dirt. “It’s our mission to stop natural disasters.”

“Stop talking nonsense and come …” the boy’s voice faltered as he stared wide-mouthed at the two men who were gazing in amazement at his sister. “Who...who are you?”

The two men gave the boy slight nods of acknowledgement, their attention on the girl. They walked to her, squatted down so they were at her eye level.

“Yes, there’s the same mole.” The Advisor stared at a mole growing just above the girl’s right eyebrow and exchanged a knowing look with Teacher Deng.

“She must be the Chosen Reincarnation,” Teacher Deng said with a smile.

About The Author

Anne S N. Lim has worked as a journalist who covered stories in Asia and has written plays. The environmental deterioration in the Asian region “inspired” this novel. She believes that the imbalance in the Earth’s energy caused by the massive removal of trees is one of the factors that leads to natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Anne is fascinated by Chinese mythology and folktales and grew up watching kung fu movies where the protagonists use their skills to fight for justice and a better world.